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Encryptomatic Encryptomatic.MailDex.Lib

A .NET standard library for reading pst / ost / OLM files. Simple reader interface. Reads messages, contacts, tasks and appointments including recurrence pattern.

Quick Start Notes

  1. Download and reference the Encryptomatic.MailDex.Lib.dll from your project.
  2. Provide a license
    //Encryptomatic.MailDex.Lib license
    LicenseManager.LicenseInfo = new LicenseInfo() { LicenseKey = "LICENSE_KEY" };
  1. Get an appropriate reader by using one of the ReaderFactory.GetReader(...) methods.
    using (IReader reader = ReaderFactory.GetReader(pstFileLocation)) { ... }
  1. Use the reader instance
    Folder inboxFolder = reader.GetFolder("/Top of Outlook data file/Inbox"); // Path may vary
    IEnumerable<Message> inboxMessages = reader.ReadMessages(inboxFolder, false); 

Since the path may vary, look at the example reading and recursively iterating through folders tree here.