MVCOM Email Content SDK

The Royalty-Free, MAPI-Free Email Content Component for Software Developers
MVCOM lets you access content in your software application from Outlook .PST, .OST, .MSG, .EML, and Winmail.dat files, with no MAPI or Outlook dependency.

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*MVCOM is non refundable after key is issued. Before purchasing, please make full free 30 day trial period to determine suitability to your project. If you need a trial extention, please contact our support team.

MVCOM is a royalty free component for developers who want to incorporate email management into their applications. MVCOM gives access to .msg and .eml email formats and their content. It also gives access to emails stored in Microsoft Outlook .PST files (Outlook 2000 through 2010) and TNEF Winmail.dat files. MVCOM works whether MAPI is installed or not.

MVCOM is a COM (ActiveX) library. You can use it in Windows applications or with virtually any programming language. It provides many functions working with MAIL files, as well as an ActiveX control for MAIL viewing. If you use one of high level languages, such as VB or C# you can add MVCOM to references, like any other COM object. A sample project is included in the trial package to get you started quickly.

MVCOM's algorithms have been optimized to improve procesing performance when handling large quantities of files.

Supported email file formats:

  • MSG - Messages created by a Microsoft Outlook; compatible with other programs that use Microsoft's Messaging Applications Programming Interface (MAPI).
  • EML - E-mail message saved by Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or other e-mail programs; may also contain an e-mail attachment, or files sent with the message.
  • PST - Data file containing personal information used by Microsoft Outlook, such as e-mail folders, addresses, calendar, and other data. As of July 1, 2009, MVCOM can read .PST files without MAPI present.
  • Winmail.dat - Open TNEF winmail.dat files and access the content including file attachments

MVCOM Functions and Capabilities

  • No Outlook or MAPI dependency
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS Support
  • 32-bit and 64-bit PST/OST file Support
  • Outlook 97-2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32+64bit) PST file support.
  • Bypass MAPI Password protection
  • Supports .EML (RFC-822) (HTML, Text)
  • Supports Outlook .MSG (Text, HTML, RTF)
  • Support for encrypted PST files.
  • Get PST folder and subfolder structure
  • Get virtually any item from a .pst file
  • Access most mapi fields in .msg files
  • Correctly handles OLE embedded objects
  • Get content from .eml messages
  • Save items to Outlook .msg files
  • Parse Winmail.dat TNEF stream
  • Get and save attachments, including nested attachments
  • Get and save embedded messages
  • Get MAPI properties
  • Includes sample projects in C++, C#, Delphi and Visual Basic
  • Includes one-off adjustments to handling many unique real world formatting variations and 3rd party application issues.
  • Battle tested in corporate environments in our own widely used email content viewing applications

Message Body

MVCOM allows you to display the message body in your application, providing an ActiveX control to view message body in any format (Plain Text, HTML, RTF). It can be placed on any of your forms.

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*This product is not refundable after the key has been issued. Use the free 30 day trial to determine the suitability of this product to your project before ordering.