OutDisk FTP For Outlook

Why Do email messages bounce back to me?

Email messages may bounce for a variety of reasons including:

  • The recipient's inbox may be full. If you sent a file attachment, perhaps your email was too large to be stored in the recipient's inbox.Your ISP or email host may be restricting file attachments.
  • Perhaps you are not allowed to send file attachments with the .exe, .msi or .zip extension.
  • Your ISP or email host may have size limits on your email. Perhaps your email attachments exceeded these limits

I emailed a .exe file attachment to someone, but they were not able to open it.

This is common in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook categorizes files into level 1 and level 2 file types.

By default, access is restricted to certain e-mail message attachments in Microsoft Outlook. In deciding which attachments are blocked, Outlook checks the file type of the attachment. Files with certain file types can be completely blocked (Level 1) or the user may be required to save a file to disk before opening the file (Level 2).

For a list of these file types, click here.

How Can Prevent emails from bouncing, or my file attachments from being restricted by Outlook?

The best way is simply not to send large file attachments or restricted files in an email.

OutDisk FTP for Outlook provides a very simple and effective way to share large or restricted files. OutDisk inserts a link to the file in your email and then uploads the file to a web accessible directory. The recipient clicks on the link and downloads the file using their web browser.

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