OutDisk SFTP with Outlook add-in lets you send large file attachments through email.

OutDisk FTP for Email

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019 and Windows Desktop

Requires Windows 10/8/7

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The SFTP Utility for Email Users

OutDisk is an SFTP utility designed for email users who need to share large files through email. It integrates with the Windows Desktop, and includes an add-in for Microsoft Outlook users. After OutDisk is configured, using it can be as simple as simple as sending a regular email.

The Many Benefits of Using OutDisk for Windows in Your Company

  • Allows IT Managers to provide a simple, familiar, non-technical solution to their users who need to share large file attachments through email. No knowledge of SFTP required by the user.
  • Automatically upload files when a file size threshhold has been reached
  • Integrated with the Windows Desktop
  • Includes an add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Uses your SFTP account, so no expensive monthly service fees!
  • SFTP account settings can be "locked" to keep users from altering the configuration.
  • Customizable recipient "Landing Pages" notify the receiver if a file is being uploaded, and can force the download to save to disk.
  • Using our PHP/ASP scripts, files can be deleted automatically after a specified number of days. Just run it as a scheduled task or a chron job.
  • Multiple users can share a single SFTP account without co-mingling files
  • Each email has its own unique file subdirectory, increasing security.
  • For organizations with compliance procedures, OutDisk provides control over the distribution of email attachments.
  • Users save Time and Aggravation: no manual uploading, complex FTP commands, or cutting and pasting http links
  • Avoids problems caused by Outlook's file type restrictions
  • Avoid ISP restrictions on file type and size
  • Large files will not overload the recipient's inbox, causing email to bounce
  • Does not require any special files be included in the email or special software installed at the recipient's computer.
  • Saves space in your Outlook .pst sent items folder and your Microsoft Exchange mailbox
  • Optionally secure your attachments with Winzip compatible 128-bit AES encryption
  • Optionally compress your attachment(s) into a single smaller zip file
  • Create a self extracting zip file
  • Sender can use their own web host and domain: no third party intermediary stores your files
  • Gives you control over where and how long your files are stored
SFTP for Outlook

The Outlook Integration

OutDisk SFTP is both a desktop application and an add-in for Outlook.

Just attach files to your email as usual, and then click the "Use OutDisk" button, and send your email. OutDisk removes the files from your email, uploads them via FTP to your webserver, and inserts a link that the recipient can use to download the files.

OutDisk for Outlook SFTP add-in ribbon buttons

There are several options in OutDisk specifically for Outlook users, including a size threshhold that will automatically activate OutDisk when total attachments exceed a predermined size.

Outdisk will insert a url link and a standard text message into the email. The recipient simply clicks the link to download the file.

Desktop Integration

OutDisk can also work from the Windows Desktop (Outlook is not required). Selecting files is easy with OutDisk for Windows. A File Drop icon is installed on the desktop, allowing the user to simply "drag and drop" files into OutDisk. Users can also navigate to file directories and select multiple files.

OutDisk email SFTP file select

When the user selects "Save and Close," OutDisk for Windows begins uploading the files to your SFTP server. If the "Launch Email Client" box is selected, OutDisk will pass the download link to a new email message in your default email program. If this box is not checked, OutDisk will copy the link to memory, allowing the sender to simply paste (ctrl-v, or right click-paste) the link into an email or IM application.

Users can also create WinZip-compatible zip archives. They can also secure the files with strong WinZip-compatible 256-bit AES encryption.

Configuring OutDisk

To use OutDisk, you will need a web hosting service that provides HTTP access to the files, and supports PHP or ASP. Most standard web hosting accounts will work very well with OutDisk.


Recipient Landing Pages

Each group of files uploaded by OutDisk is assigned a unique sub folder. OutDisk will also automatically upload an Index.php or Index.asp page into the directory which you can customize with your own text and logo. This page can display your logo, and the files that are available for download. The user then clicks on the files and downloads them to their disk using their web browser and standard http or https.

See below for an example of the OutDisk download landing page, which can be customized with a little bit of web page experience.

SFTP email download page.

OutDisk's landing pages, when customized with your logo, give your company a professional edge.

Files can be manually deleted or retrieved from the SFTP disk using OutDisk's File Manager. For system administrators, a server script is available to automatically remove files the specified period of time

Volume and Site Licensing

To learn more about OutDisk, or for information on volume licensing, please contact our sales team at sales at encryptomatic.com, or call +1-651-815-4902 x1

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